Yonko Popov

composer, sound engineer

25.02.1951Sofia - Bulgaria

Ionko Popov graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1977. He played the guitar in ensembles at the Music State Agency and Balkantourist. He has worked as sound engineer at the Bulgarian National Radio (since 1975) and at the Bulgarian National Television (since 2000).

He authored over 80 pop songs, children’s and other songs; he also wrote film music. Part of his songs was published in the Balgarska Estrada (Bulgarian Variety) Magazine and recorded on LP by Balkanton and also released on CD. Several of his songs became hits. Particularly fruitful was his collaboration with the band Domino. He took part in national competitions such as The Golden Orpheus Festival, the radio competition Spring or the Songs for the Sea Competition.
He was also permanently involved in The Golden Blackbird Festival, organised by the Humour, Satire and Amusement Section of the Bulgarian National Radio.


Awarded songs at the festivals:
The Sea Is Dreaming, performed by Tonica SV (first prize, 1990).

Other songs:
Prozoretz, koyto oshte sveti (Window Still Full of Light), lyrics by D. Kerelesov, performed by Dreams (Melody of the Month in the TV competition Melody of the Year);

Look for me, performed by Domino;
My Heart Sounds the Alarm, performed by Georgi Hristov and others.

Film music to:
Music to the feature films: The Three Maria and Ivan, directed by K. Atanasov (1986).