Dimitar Simeonov

composer, performer, conductor, arranger, pedagogue

22.05.1932 - 02.01.2019Sofia - Bulgaria

Dimitar Simeonov-Moncho graduated from the State Academy of Music majoring in Violin under Professor Vladimir Avramov. His interest in jazz led him work with saxophonists and in the 1950s he started his carrier as member of the bands Jazz of the Young (1953) and Jazz of the Optimists (1955). In 1960 he joined the Big Band of the Bulgarian National Radio and in 1964 the newly founded combo ensemble Sofia. He was member of the ensemble for twenty years first as performer (1964-71) and later as its conductor (from 1971 up to its dissolution in 1984). In 1968 he was among the founding members of the Pop Music Section of the State Academy of Music and began teaching Saxophone. A number of distinguished Bulgarian saxophonists were among his students. He served as Head of the Pop Music Section of the Union of Bulgarian Music and Dance Professionals (1973-75). He was artistic director of the vocal group Silver Stars at the Ensemble of the Bulgarian Armed Forces (1984-92). In the 1990s he continued to perform as saxophonist and violinist. He is honorary member of the International Organisation of the Saxophonists in Bordeaux (France).

He wrote more than 200 arrangements and orchestral pieces. He took part in performances organised by the Bulgarian National Radio, the Bulgarian National Television, at various events such as The Golden Orpheus Festival, the Melody of the Year Competition, etc. He gave a number of concerts in Europe and America with the Sofia Orchestra and other ensembles. He won prestigious national prizes.


Suite for flute, soprano saxophone and chamber orchestra, dedicated to his mother, the violinist Professor Nedyalka Simeonova (1979); more than 200 arrangements and orchestral pieces.