Yulian Slabakov


13.04.1957Gorna Oriahovitsa – Bulgaria

Yulian Slabakov graduated from the Academy of Music and Dance in Plovdiv in 1982. He studied Composition with Professor Ivan Spassov. From 1982 to 1987 he taught music in Ruse. In 1987 he enrolled at the State Academy of Music and graduated in 1994, majoring in Composition under Professor Dimitar Tapkoff. Since 1994 he has been a freelance composer. Slabakov’s artistic interests include nearly all music genres. He is an author of works for symphonic and wind orchestra, chamber and choral music, music for film and theater productions, 16 musicals for children (most of which on his own libretto), more than 150 children’s songs (some of them on his own text) and music for entertainment. His compositions have been played in many European countries, USA, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and China. He has audio records at BNR (Bulgarian National Radio), some European radio stations, Japan and Hong Kong as part of them have been published as CDs.

Yulian Slabakov is the winner of the following competitions:

Symphonic Music:
National Competition for symphonic music in 7/8 – Plovdiv, 2005.

Chamber Music:
National Competition “Poetry and Song of the Balkan Mountain – Dryanovo,1989 and 1997;
International Competition for Composers “Prof. Ivan Spassov” – Plovdiv, 1998;
III composition contest “Boris Hristov”- Sofia, 2013.

Choral music:
National Competition “Poetry and Song of the Balkan Mountain – Dryanovo, 1986;
National Competition Liturgy Chants – „Let’s get better”- Sofia,1994, 1996 and 1999;
2000 years Christ of Jesus – Sofia, 2000;
International Choral Festival – Targovishte,1998 and 2002;
International Competition for Composers “Prof. Ivan Spassov” – Plovdiv, 2001;
International Competition “Jihlava” – Czech Republic, 2003;
International Competition for contemporary chlidren’s choral song ‘Friends of Bulgaria’– Albena, 2007 and 2008;
International Competition for new choral composition – Petrinia, Hurvatska – 2012, 2013;
National Competition for Christmas and New Year’s choral song –Haskovo, 2017;
National Competition „New Bulgarian music at 7/8” – Chepelare , 2017, 2018;
International Competition for contemporary children’s choral music – Hong Kong, 2018.

Music For Wind Orchestra:
National Competition of Мinistry of Culture – 2005;
National Competition by the name of Diko Iliev – Bulgarian National Radio, 2008;
National Competition „Diko Iliev” – Моntana, 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016.

Stage music:
National Competition for stage music“Autumn breeze ” – Dobrich, 2001.

Pop Music:
National Competition „Crown of Turnovcity” – Veliko Turnovo, 2008 г.;
National Competition „Sea and Memories” – Varna, 2010.

Children’s Pop Music:
National Festival for children’s pop song “Lacheni obuvki” – Berkovitza, 1996 г.;
National Children’s Song Contest “Golden Cock” – Stara Zagora, 1998, and V. Tarnovo, 2000;
National Competition for Children’s Songs “Million miracles”- Bankja, 2001;
National Competition for Children’s Songs “Sladkopoina Chuchuliga” – Bourgas, 2010;
National Competition “Poetry and Song of the Balkan Mountain – Dryanovo, 2014.


Stage music:

Musicals (all include electronic arrangements)
To Somebody Else’s Librettos:

“Good Morning, Good Nigh”, after Donald Bisset (1992);
“The Princess and the Swineherd”, libretto by Pancho Panchev (1996); with an option with symphonic orchestra(2018);
“Sleep on a winter night ”, libretto L. Stanev (2008);

To Slabakov’s Own Librettos:

“Snow-white and the Seven Dwarfs” (1997 – 2004), with an option of symphonic orchestra (2009);
“The Musicians from Bremen” (1998 – 2004);
“Santa Claus Is Here” (2003);
“The last adventures of Baba Yaga” (2003);
“The wolf and the seven goats ”, in two options (2003 – 2004);
“In the search of the gold apple“ (2004 – 2007);
“The three piggies” (2005);
“Fest in the woods” (2005 );
“Christmas sleep” (2006 – 2007);
“Yan Bibiyan ” (2006);
“Jesus, its Christmas again” (2008);
„Christmas fairytale” (2009 г.);
„The magical fire-place” (2014 – 2015 г.).

Music for Educational Spectacles:

„Six monkeys on an elephant”, text by P. Panchev (1998);
„Figures and forms”, text by P. Panchev (2006).

Music for Plays:

„Ezop” (1992);
„Masters” (1995).

Film music:

„The musical forest” (1998);
„The grandson of Santa Claus” (1998).

Choral and solo works with symphony orchestras (choral-orchestral):

“Libera me” for female voices choir and symphony orchestra on liturgical texts (1991);
“White Christmas” – children’s choir and symphony orchestra (2015);
“The madman” – high bass and symphony orchestra (2017).

For symphony orchestra:

Symphony (1993).
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (2005).

For wind orchestra:

Waltz (1990);
Trojan March (1993);
Three Dances (2003);
“Tarantella” (2006);
Great Australian March (2006);
Daichovo horo (round dance) №1 (2008);
Northern straight round dance (2008);
Rychenica dance (2009) (at piano version – piano directorate);
Daichovo round dance №2 (2011);
Youthful march (2011);
Dobrudjanski march (2011);
Concert march (2011);
Spring dance (2011);
The dwarfs’ fest (2013);
Elenino horo (round dance), 2013;
Paidushko horo (round dance), 2013;
„On Cvetnica” – round dance (2015);
The fest march (2015);
Sports march (2017);
Balkan march (2017);
Gergiovden march (2017).
A number of arrangements of popular works.

Original Music and Arrangements for Various Orchestral Formations:

“Dance” for percussion instruments (1999);
18 arrangements with 12 violins and 2 harps for popular classic works:
Debussy – „Moonlight”; Shubert – „Serenade” and „Ave Maria”; Scriabin – „Prelude” etc. (1994-1995).

Chamber Music:

Rondo scherzando for piano, violoncello and flute (1990).

For piano:

Toccata (1984);
Theme with Variations (1989);
Sonatina (1990).
Some cycles of miniatures.

Vocal music:

“Ecclesiast” for string quartet and high female voice, after Bible texts (1991).

For soprano and piano:

“Girl” (1982);
Three Miniatures, after French poets (1982);
Say Nothing, My Friend (1989);
Three Songs for high female voice (1990);
For male low voice and piano:
“Sailing” (2009);
“Luck” (2011).

Choral music:

For mixed choir:

“Two little cantatas”: “Bells” (1981), “Horsemen” (1985);
“Libera me“ cantata (variant) (1993);
“Mass” (1993);
“Joan Chrysostom Liturgy”, 20 parts (1995-2001).


“Andalusian habanera” (1991);
“Еrnengilda” (1994);
“Lyaskovets”, text S. Poptonev (1998).

For female voices choir:

“Libera me” cantata (1993);
“Joan Chrysostom Liturgy”, 20 parts (2013 г.).


“The little dead man for mockery ” (1984);
“Goodbyes ”, text by St. Pencheva (1984);
Cycle: “Reflection”, “Summer in the old Plovdiv”, “Experiment” (1991);
“Ave Maria”(1996);
“Ave Maria” (1999);
“The moon emerges” (2000);
„At the center of the village” (2004);
“The Mountain has overturned” with a soloist and piano (2006) etc.
Dozens of arrangements of popular works.

For male voices choir:

“Our Father ” (1994);
“L`e Perche” (1994);
“In your kingdom” (1995);
“Pater Noster” (1996);
Cycle arrangements (a capella) of Gershwin songs:
“The Man I love”;“I got rithm”, “Somebody loves me “, “Soon” (1992).

For children’s choir:

“Children and Airplane” (1983);
“Children of a Great People” (1983);
“The misunderstood Driver” (1984);
“Night Miracles” (1984);
“Son Tre Noti Che Non Dormo” (1994);
“Annuncia La Stella” (1996);
“Help Me Exalt You” (1996);
“Grand Spring Tarantella” (1998);
“Faith, Hope, Love” (2001);
“Easter” (1998);
“Tales” (2000);
“Star” (2000);
“Listen white parrot” (2000);
”Song for Lom” (2001);
“A bird flied” (2001);
“Ist wohl ein’schone Zeit” (2001);
Hymn of (school) 18 ‘William Gladston’ (2006);
“The Mountain has overturned” (2006);
Hymn of (school) SOU ‘Yavorov’, city of Pleven (2007);
“Spring” (2007);
Hymn of (school) PGSUAU ‘Burov’, city of Silistra (2009);
“Hay, Christmas” (2014);
“White Christmas” (2014);
Hymn of (school) SMG Paisii Hilendarski (2016);
“Am I dreaming?” (2017);
“Christmas ring” (2018);
“Song of the snowflakes” (2018).
Tens of arrangements of Christmas and social songs.

For Women’s Folk Choir:

“Is the choline, blueish?” (1986);
“Oh, Kara Nikola sat next to me” (1989);
“Our Father”- variant (1994);
“Through the center of the village (2004);
“Spring” – women’s Folk Choir and Folk Orchestra (2018);
“Lazarska” ( a capella) – 2018;
“Saint Georgi” – women’s Folk Choir and Folk Orchestra (2018).

Pop Music:

„It’s too late” (2001);
“Don’t go away” (2001);
“Teenagers” (2003);
“Rain” (2003);
“Sea” (2008);
“Yantra” (2010) etc.

For Children’s Vocal Groups and Solo Performance:

Over 150 songs with electronic arrangements or piano versions, some of them recorded on CDs, others included in notable collections or music textbooks.