Silvia Statkova

composer, conductor, pedagogue

06.01.1964Buhovo – Bulgaria

Silvia Statkova graduated from State Bulgarian Conservatory (now National Academy of Music) majoring in Composition under Prof. Alexander Tekeliev and Choral Conducting under Prof. Krum Maximov (1989). She conducts mixed and children’s choirs, teaches piano and solfeggio. Since 2000 Silvia Statkova is a conductor of Prima Visione Mandolin Orchestra and since 2005 she is working as an Artistic Director of Slaveicheta Vocal Formation and Pop Singing Vocal Studio at the National Palace of Children – Sofia.
Silvia Statkova composes symphonic, chamber and choral music. Her special aria is the compositions for children’s group. She takes part in TV and radio programmes and has national and international awards both as a composer and a pedagogue.


Symphonic Music:
Symphony (1989);
Revelation (2004) – for mandolin and string orchestra;
Dialogues (2006) – for string orchestra.

Chamber Music:
“Ritual Rhythms” for 2 mandolins, mandola, guitar, flute, bassoon and piano (2002);
“Pastoral” for flute and piano (1992);
Outplay I (1996) – for viola and piano;
Outplay II (2001) – for viola and piano;
“Dialogues II” Dance, Song and Finale – for flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon (2007).

Works for Piano:
Toccata Inverse (1991);
Toccata (1995);
Contrasts (1999);
Pastoral II (2002);

Choral music:
For mixed choir: Nightingal (1994)
For male choir: Summer Evening, lyrics by Dora Gabe (1991).
For female choir: Cranes, lyrics by P. Yordanova (1992).
For children’s choir:
Blue Sky, lyrics by P. Yordanova (1995);
Mam, lyrics by P. Yordanova (1995);
Summer’s Play, lyrics by E. Evtimov (1997);
Zhuzheriada, lyrics by S. Gigova (1999);
Sea Cradle, lyrics by H. Haralampiev (2002);
The Good Sea, lyrics by H. Haralampiev (2003);
Summer, lyrics by E. Simeonov (2004);
Sozopoliada lyrics by H. Haralampiev (2005);
Paper Boat lyrics by H. Haralampiev (2007);
Summer Evant lyrics by H. Haralampiev (2009)

For children’s group:
Silvery River, lyrics by H. Haralampiev (1993);
An Artist, lyrics by H. Haralampiev (1993);
Letter to My Grandmother, lyrics by N. Kolev (1995);
Chick, lyrics by P. Dubarova (1995);
Circus, lyrics by I. Nikolov (1996);
Bird House, lyrics by P. Yordanova (1997);
A Little Cheery Tea-Pot, lyrics by D. Spassov (1997);
The First Lessons, lyrics by E. Bagryana (1997);
Difficult Mathematical Problems, V. Passpaleeva (1999);
Zhuzherche, lyrics by S. Gigova (1999);
The Bad Little Bed, lyrics by H. Haralampiev (2000);
Parrots, lyrics by H. Haralampiev (2001);
First Grade Student, lyrics by K. Malina (2001);
Crab and Bear, lyrics by K. Stanishev (2006);
Butterfly, lyrics by T. Binchev (2007);
A Little Woodpecker, lyrics by H. Haralampiev (2008)