Alexander Tekeliev

composer, pedagogue

03.06.1942Svilengrad – Bulgaria

Alexander Tekeliev graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1968 majoring in Composition under Professor Vesselin Stoyanov. He worked as chief editor at the Bulgarian National Radio (1971-76). He specialised in Composition and Orchestration in Budapest with Attila Bosai (1980) and in Paris with Michel Filippo (1982). In 1977 he joined the staff of the State Academy of Music. In 1991 he became full professor of Composition and Symphony Orchestration.

He composed stage music; two oratorios and other vocal-symphonic works; symphonies for string orchestra and other chamber instrumental works; vocal cycles and songs; a number of choral works including children’s and teenagers’ songs and vocalises, which were included in the permanent repertoire of a number of Bulgarian ensembles; solo songs for children; folksong arrangements for traditional music choirs; film music, etc. His music is characterised with expressive emotionality, which determines the use of various compositional techniques. Over 110 of his works were published in Bulgaria and abroad, 50 were recorded on LP. His compositions were performed in Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, Japan, Mexico, etc. He won a number of national awards and distinctions, among which the Prize of Sofia for Music for the ballet The Shadow (1985).


Stage music:
The Duke’s Cook (1989).


The Shadow (1979, 1985, Sofia);
Ballet Sketches – triptych (1986);
Moon Woman – chamber ballet (1997).

Choral-orchestral works:
A Sea Tale – poem for children’s choir and symphony orchestra (1987);
Roots for traditional music choir and symphony orchestra (1997);

Cry for soprano, women’s choir and strings, lyrics by Haralampi Haralampiev (1995);

Ave Maria for male voices choir and strings (1990).

For voice and symphony orchestra:
Monologue for bass and symphony orchestra (1998).

Works for string orchestra:
Chamber symphonies:

N1 (1973); N2 (1975); N3 De Profundis Spiritus for 12 violoncellos (1994). Adagio and Scherzo (1973); Triptych for strings, percussion, piano and organ (Music to the Ballet Sketches) (1986); Christmas Choral (1993).

Chamber Music:
For viola and piano:

Poem (1973); Adagio and Toccata (version for violoncello and piano) (1983). Persuasion for French horn and piano (1985); Concert Piece for trumpet and piano (1994); Contrasts for viola (1981).

For piano:

Youth Album (1973); Sonatina (1982); Grotesque (1983); Memory and Ferocity (1992); Epilogue (2000).

Vocal cycles and songs:

For soprano and piano:

Spirit and Love – cycle of three songs: Doubt, on a poem by Elisaveta Bagriana; Spirit and Love, lyrics by Haralampi Haralampiev; Circle of Life, on a poem by Elisaveta Bagriana (1990); Blue Nights, on a poem by Elisaveta Bagriana (1990).

For baritone and piano:

Six Love Poems (You Left; Request; Love Is Coming to an End; Love Is Sick; I’m Looking for My First Love; So We’ll go), on poems by Pavel Matev (1981).

For bass and piano:

Horizons – cycle of six songs: The Pine, on a poem by Heinrich Heine (1991); Forget, on a poem by Nikolay Liliev; Epilogue, lyrics by A. Yosef; The Horseman, lyrics by E. Ady; Horizons, on a poem by Nikolay Liliev (1993); Yututunska yukahaha, lyrics by Z. Yovanovic (1993).

Choral music:
For mixed choir:

Singer’s Heart for soprano and mixed choir, lyrics by Orlin Orlinov (1967); Monologue, on a poem by Elisaveta Bagriana (1980); White Morning, lyrics by I. Enchev (1980); Amazon Woman, on a poem by Bagriana (1983); Winter Souvenir, on a poem by Bagriana (1983); Blue Nights, on a poem by Bagriana (1983); Danube Wind, lyrics B. Tzolov; Dostoyno Est (1995).

For female voices choir:

Largo and Scherzo (1980); Sorrow, on a poem by Nikolay Liliev (1987); Till When, on a poem by Usim Kerim (1989); Moment for soprano, female voices choir and piano, lyrics by D. Shopov (1994).

For children’s choir:

Children’s Rally (1982); Sunset; Regatta – two vocalises (1983); a number of songs for children’s choir. Playing Telephone – scene for four children, children’s choir and piano, text by T. Gancheva (1981).

Youth songs:

Sun Is Calling Us, lyrics by N. Vidrov (1981); There Are More Wonders, lyrics by T. Gancheva (1981); My Blue Holidays, lyrics by N. Zidarov (1987).

Selected books (published in Bulgarian):
Syncopes in Words (Sofia, 1999).
Boyanova, Ana. Composer Alexander Tekeliev. Confessions (Sofia, 2002).

Selected collections about him (published in Bulgarian):
Tzinandova-Haralampieva, Vesa. Alexander Tekeliev (Sofia, 1995).