Miroslava Todorova


16.04.1972Plovdiv – Bulgaria

Miroslava Genkova Todorova was born on 16.04.1972 in Plovdiv. At the age of 7 years she begins studying accordion and solfeggio. In 1986 she is admitted in the Secondary music school “Dobrin Petkov” in Plovdiv with two subjects – accordion and contrabass. She writes her first compositions at the age of 14th under the direction of Professor Ivan Spassov.
As a schoolgirl in the music school she was awarded with the prizes:

1st prize at the Competition for violinists, violoncellists and contrabass players in Kustendil in 1989.
Prize for an ingenious composition at the XII National competition for vocalists and instrumentalists “Svetoslav Obretenov” in Provadia in 1990.
The special prize of the IX International competition for accordionists “Young musician” in Chirpan in 1989.
During the period 1991-1996 Miroslava Todorova is a student at the National Music Academy “Pancho Vladigerov” in Sofia with subjects composition, theory of music and contrabass. Here she perfects her musician pen with the famous composers Professor Parashkev Hadjiev and Professor Dimitar Tapkov. Her works are performed during the festivals “New Bulgarian music” and “Young conductors, soloists and composers”.
In 1995 Miroslava Todorova wins a scholarship of the Foundation “Open society” for high academic achievements. The next year she was sent to Austria to specialize in composition with Professor Ianosh Vaida and Professor Ierich Urbaner. The young composer has also graduated master classes in composition with Professor Anatol Vieru – Romania and Professor Bojidar Spassov – Germany.
She writes mainly chamber and symphonic music using tunes and rhythms from the archaic Bulgarian folklore. During the last several years Miroslava Todorova is engaged in computer composition, arrangement and tune processing. She is also an author of electronic compositions, game music as well as many demo presentations of companies.

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