Yassen Vodenitcharov

composer, music theorist, pianist

19.05.1964Bourgas – Bulgaria

Yassen Vodenicharov graduated from the State Academy of Music majoring in Composition under Professor Dimitar Tapkoff and Piano under Professor Liliana Antova. In 1991 he studied electroacoustic music at the GRM (Groupe de recherches musicales) at Radio France. In 1998, he graduated from the Conservatoire in Paris majoring in Composition under Professor Paul Mefano and Music Acoustics under Professor Michelle Castellango. He also graduated in Music and Musicology of the 20th century from the IRCAM and the Higher School of Social Studies at the Sorbonne in Paris with research adviser Professor Hugues Dufour.
He composed works for symphony and chamber orchestra; instrumental and vocal-instrumental ensembles. His compositional style focuses on programme music making use of sound groupings. He was prizewinner at the 10th Contemporary Music Competition in Tokyo, Japan (1993). He took part in the International Festival for Contemporary Music in Darmstadt, Germany. His works were performed at forums and broadcast on the radio in Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Japan, etc.


Works for symphony orchestra:
Piano Concerto (1988);
Celestial Light (1996).

Works for chamber orchestra:
Fireworks (1993);
Violin Concerto (1994);
The Silent Wind in the Pines for four female voices and chamber orchestra (1995).

Chamber Music:
Three pieces for oboe and piano (1987);
Three Bagatelles for clarinet, percussion and piano (1988);
Fireflies for soprano, flute and percussion (1993);
Four Studies for harpsichord (1994);
Apocrypha – tape (1994);
Resonance for solo flute, percussion and piano (1994);
Aphorisms for violin, guitar and percussion after M. Ernst (1995),
Replies for soprano saxophone, (1995);
Mosaics for string quartet (1996);
Stonehenge for clarinet, percussion and piano (1997);
Pagan pieces (1997);
The Moebius Band (1998);
Golden Drops 1-4 (1998-99);
Bucolic pieces for baritone, flute, viola and guitar (1999);
Pictograms for clarinet and chamber ensemble (1999);
Shaman Songs for solo flute and orchestra of flutes (1999).

For organ:
Illuminations (1999).