Angel Zaberski

composer, arranger, pedagouge

31.08.1931 – 11.06.2011Malko Tarnovo– Bulgaria

Angel Zaberski graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1955 majoring in Singing under Professor Hristo Brambarov. Up to 1974 he worked as music editor at the Bulgarian National Radio. In the early 1960s he was member of the popular vocal quintet Friends of the Song and was among the founders and professors of the School of Pop Music Singers at the Bulgarian National Radio. From 1974 to 1984 he served as chief artistic director of the Pop Music Section at the Bulgarian Armed Forces (1974-84) and later taught Singing at the Pop Music and Jazz Faculty of the State Academy of Music (up to 1994). In 1988 he was appointed associate professor and later full professor at the New Bulgarian University.

He was among the first Bulgarian composers who made Bulgarian pop music win recognition on the European stage. In the 1960s his lyric and dramatic pop songs became hits.

He wrote pop songs; arrangements; orchestral music; choral and children’s songs; theatre and film music. Among his first productions in the late 1950s are the instrumental piece Silver Rain and the song First Date. His songs were prize-winning at the international festivals such as The Golden Key in Bratislava; the festival in Rennes, France or the festival in Barcelona, Spain. A number of his songs were awarded at The Golden Orpheus Festival. He also won several composition prizes. Apart from songs, he also authored orchestral pieces for big band, in which he made use of Bulgarian traditional music motifs. His songs were released on LP in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, the former USSR, Canada, Cuba, etc.


Choir-orchestral music:
The Nine Circles – music dramatic poem for mixed choir, soloists and symphony orchestra (1974).

For symphony and wind orchestra:
Rhapsody (1982).

For big band:
Memory of Strandja;
Thracian Watercolour;
Watercolour and many others.

Awarded songs:
The Golden Key Festival, Bratislava:
Adagio, performed by Lili Ivanova.

The festival in Rennes (France):
The Birches and the Girl, performed by Georgi Kordov (third prize).

The festival in Barcelona (Spain):
May I Believe, performed by Lili Ivanova (the Grand Prix).

The Golden Orpheus Festival:
Kaliakra (first prize, 1965);
White Boat (third prize, 1967);
Children Are Playing Soldiers (special prize, 1967);
The Moonlight Sonata (second prize, 1968);
White Wing (first prize, 1978);
Native Home (the Grand Prix, 1980);
Sing To Me, Mummy (special prize, 1982);
Falling Leaves of Love (third prize, 1984).