Atanas Atanassov

composer, piano and harpsichord player, organist, pedagogue

27.10.1952Pazardzhik – Bulgaria

Graduates from National Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” in Piano with prof. B. Starshenov (1977) and Composition with prof. P. Hadzhiev (1985). Attends a Master class in piano with prof. B. Starshenov (1977-79). Participates in international courses in Piano Interpretation held in: Weimar (Germany – 1975) by Regina Smendzyanka; Paris (France – 1976, 1977 and 1983) by Yvonne Lefebure; Prague (Czech Republic – 1978) by Milan Schlechta (organ), Suzanna Ruzhichkova (harpsichord) and Frantischeck Rauch (piano). He has won prizes from a number of national and international competitions. Has an intense concert activity as a soloist, chamber performer and contributor to a number of vocal and orchestral formations – as a pianist, harpsichord and organ player. Has made recordings for studio Balkanton, Gega New, BNR, BNT, Radio Genf and more. First-time performer of many pieces by Bulgarian composers. Has many concert performances as soloist to symphonic orchestras. The most prestigious is his participation as composer and pianist in the International Festival for Contemporary Music in Saint Petersburg, Russia (1991), where he performs his First Concert for Piano and Orchestra with the Philharmonics of Saint Petersburg. Since 1978 teaches in National Music Academy in Sofia. Professor (since 2000) in Piano Accompaniment and Composition. Also leads classes in Methodics of the Piano Accompaniment and Figured Bass. The pedagogic activities also include the courses he led in Piano Interpretation in Greece and Turkey. He has been a vice-dean (1993-1999) and dean (2004-2012) of the Instrumental Faculty of NMA and head of the Specialised Scientific Council of Musicology and Musical art (2007-2010). Member of the Board of the Union of the Bulgarian Composers (2005-2011). Currently he is head of the Department of Chamber Music and Accompaniment in IF, National Music Academy.


1965 First Prize from the Republican Competition for Young Artists;
1966 Second Prize from the 1st National Competition of the Rousse Philharmonics;
1968 Diploma from the International Piano Competition J.S. Bach – Leipzig;
1976 Diploma and medal from the International Piano Competition A. Casagrande – Terni, Italy;
1980 III Prize for Piano Duo from the International Piano Competition A. Casagrande – Italy;
1989 Prize of the Home of Literature and Arts for Children – Sofia for the musical “Kosse Bosse”;
2003 Prize from the National Competition for Children’s Songs “Sladkopoina Chuchuliga” – Bourgas, for the song “Where is the Moon”;
2005 Prize “Golden Staff” of the Union of the Bulgarian Composers;
2005 III Prize from the National Competition for writing a Symphonic piece in 7/8 – Plovdiv (Concert for Piano and Orchestra No. 2);
2007 Prize for Best Author’s Music from the National Puppet Theatre Festival “Mihail Lakatnik” – Yambol;
2011 Prize “Sladkopoina Chuchuliga” of the Society for Music and Dance of the Pazardzhik Region for remarkable contribution in the Bulgarian culture and piano art;
2012 Prize “Golden Lira” of the Union of the Bulgarian Dancers and Musicians;
2012 Honorary Sign and Diploma of the National Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” for contribution to the Bulgarian musical culture as pedagogue and composer;
2012 Honorary Sign – statuette of the Union of the Bulgarian Composers in relation to a jubilee;
2014 2nd (with non-awarded 1st) prize from the International Composition Competition “Sofia 2014” for writing a piece in the style of Neobaroque (“CONCERTO piccolo non tanto GROSSO” for string orchestra).


Bulgarian Dance (fragment)

Bulgarian dance for piano for 4 hands (fragment). Performed by Liliana Getova-Raikova and Galina Apostolova.

"Rhythmic" from Three Movements for Flute and Piano.

Performed by Natalia Neikova – flute and Atanas Atanasov – piano.

"Rhodopa" (fragment)

Symphonic picture No. 3 “Rhodopa” for symphony orchestra and folk female vocal formation. Performed by the Sofia Philharmonic and “Cosmic Voices” choir, conductor Yong Chil Lee, choir conductor Vanya Moneva.

Sonata for violin and piano (fragment)

Performed by Yosif Radionov – violin and Atanas Atanasov – piano.

"The Windmill"

“The Windmill” – ballet (fragment from No. 3 – “Song”). Performed by the Symphony Orchestra – city of Pazardzhik, conductor Deyan Pavlov.

Stage music:
Musical Kosse-Bosse. Script вy Rada Moskova. (1987)
The Windmill – Ballet (1995)

Symphonic Music:
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No 1 (1988);
Concerto for Flute and String Orchestra (1999);
Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra (2002);
Symphonic Picture No 1 (2004);
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No 2 (2005);
Symphony No 1 (2006);
Symphonic Picture No 2 (2009);
Elegy for Trombone and Orchestra (2010);
Overtura con pianoforte (2012);
Symphonic Picture No 3 Rodopa (2013);
CONCERTO piccolo non tanto GROSSO for String Orchestra (2014);
Elegy for Trumpet and Orchestra (2015).

Vocal- Symphonic Music:
I am dreaming – Three Songs for Soprano and Orchestra. Lyrics by Elissaveta Mladenova. (Orch. 1998)
Confessions – Songs for Soprano and String Orchestra. Lyrics by Virginia Atanassova. (2011)

Chamber Music:
Rondino for Oboe and Piano (1970);
Rondo for Xylophone and Piano (1981);
Sonatina for Flute and Piano (1983);
Quintet for Wind Instruments (1985);
Four Pieces for Xylophone and Piano (1987);
Mystic Evening for Soprano-saxophone and Organ (1992);
Sonata for Violin and Viola (1993);
Move in three for Flute and Harpsichord (or Piano): Freely; Interrupted Minuet; Rhythmically strict (1996);
Dream for Flute, Violin, Violoncello and Piano (1997);
Sonata for Violin and Piano (2000);
String Quartet (2001);
Duo Concertante for Violin and Cello (2003);
Duo Concertante for Clarinet and Cello (2011).

For piano:

Children pieces (1967);
Three Preludes (1968);
Toccata (1969);
Variations (1981);
Poem (1984);
Pieces for Piano from Theatrical Music (1986);
The Play of keys – Five Plays for Small Pianists (1997);
Alter ego (2008);
Bulgarian Dance for Piano for four hands (1998);
Three fragments from The Windmill Ballet for two Pianos (2002).

Vocal music:
Solo Songs:

I am dreaming – Three Songs for Soprano and Piano. Lyrics by Elissaveta Mladenova (1981)
Three Songs for High Voice and String Quartet. Lyrics by Vesselin Hanchev (1982);
Irresistible man – Ballad for Bass and Piano. Lyrics by Evstati Burnaski (1986);
Sofia – for Soprano and Piano. Lyrics by Liliana Stefanova (1987); Mystic Evening – for Mezzo-soprano and Organ. Lyrics by Atanas Dalchev (1991);
Seven Miniatures – for High Voice and Piano. Lyrics by Nikolai Kisyov (1999);
I’ve Fallen in Love with a Sweetheart – for High Voice and Piano (2000);
Who are you? – Five Songs for Low Voice and Piano. Lyrics by Evtim Evtimov (2013).


Three Impressions for Mixed Choir. Lyrics by Evstati Burnaski (1982);
Winter’s prime – for Women’s Choir. Lyrics by Elissaveta Mladenova (1984);
Below the Lilac Tree – for Women’s Choir and Piano. Lyrics by Vesselin Hanchev. (1985);
Letters – for Children’s Choir and Piano. Lyrics by Latchezar Stanchev (1986);
Ah, my native Forest – for Mixed Choir (1987); .
Be blessed (Ave Maria) for Women’s Choir and Organ (1993).

Children Songs for Voice and Piano, Children Songs for Voice, Choir and Orchestra, Theatrical Music