Rumen Boyadjiev Jr.


19.06.1979 г.Sofia - Bulgaria

Rumen Boyadjiev Jr. graduated from the National Music School “Lyubomir Pipkov” with a specialty in percussion instruments in the class of Marina Mindova and the National Music Academy “Pancho Vladigerov” in the class of prof. Dobri Paliev and prof. Tatiana Karparova. Piano student of Stefan Trayanov, Yavor Dimitrov, prof. Ivan Eftimov. In his earliest years he studied composition and orchestration with prof. Alexander Raychev – patron and mentor of the still young musician. He studied optional conducting with prof. Ivan Marinov and Deyan Pavlov. Master of Percussion.

Since 2001 he has been the leader of the percussion group in the SO of the State Musical Theatre “St. Makedonski” and a guest musician in the recording and concert activities of the Sofia Philharmonic, SO of the Bulgarian National Radio and FSB.

He is the author of music for documentaries, animation and feature films, solo and chamber works, symphonic and ballet music, music for stage, Messa Requiem, etc.

He is the author of The Little Match Seller, an operetta for children and adults based on X. Cr. Andersen, the children’s musical “Bunny White” based on the song of the same name by Peter Stupel and Leda Mileva – productions of the Musical Theatre “St. Macedonian.

He is the author of Concerto for bassoon and orchestra, Concerto for violin and orchestra “Hollywood”, Concerto for piano and orchestra “Romantic”, Concerto for marimba and orchestra with successful premieres in Bulgaria Hall.

His “Symphonic Poem Bulgaria” is dedicated to Pancho Vladigerov, for whose work Rumen Boyadjiev Jr. feels deep respect and admiration.

Rumen Boyadjiev Jr. is one of the best contemporary orchestrators. Alongside his performing and composing activities, over the years he has also been active in the field of arranging for various ensembles and orchestration for a large symphony orchestra. His orchestration of the music to the feature film “Incognita” directed by Mikhail Pandursky is performed by the Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra under the baton of the world conductor Valery Gergiev. Orchestrated and arranged the theme from the Korean feature film “Arrow The Ultimate Weapon” performed by the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra. He orchestrates and arranges from the keyboard the theme of the worldwide popular computer game “GOTIK”, which has gained wide popularity in Bulgaria. He created orchestrations for a large symphony orchestra of the songs included in the FSB Symphony concert programme, performed by the legendary group, the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra with conductor Grigor Palikarov and the Anasymble Thrace on the stage of the Ancient Theatre Plovdiv and Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture. He orchestrated the Anthem of Bulgarian National Radio on the occasion of its 80th anniversary and works included in the Radio Symphony concert on the same occasion. He is the orchestrator of an individual project by the renowned rock musician Glenn Hughes, recorded in London. Received endorsements and compliments from some of Hollywood’s greatest composers and orchestrators – Jeff Atmayan, principal orchestrator and co-writer of the film’s composer James Newton Howard and a personal autograph congratulating John Williams.

His dedication and productivity is distinguished by his bright creativity and commitment to Bulgarian music with its traditions and innovations in the spirit of the times in which our national musical culture is developing.

Collaborative working and creative partnership:

Leading performing ensembles – Sofia Philharmonic, St. Obretenov, Bulgarian National Radio, New Symphony Orchestra, State Music Theatre St. Makedonski”, Sofia Soloists, Drop Down Community, a number of chamber ensembles.

Conductors – Naiden Todorov, Martin Panteleev, Valery Gergiev, Mark Kadin, Grigor Palikarov, Yuli Damyanov, Plamen Djurov, Lyubka Biagioni, Deyan Pavlov, Peter Dimitrov, Lyubomir Denev Jr, Hristo Pavlov, etc.

Soloists – Lia Petrova, Kalina Hristova, Vasilena Serafimova, Ina Kancheva, Krasimir Kostadinov, Peter Makedonski, Kristijana Alipieva, Kremenna Acheva, Hristo Zahariev, Nadezhda Tsanova, Stefan Vrachev, etc.

Directed by Lyudmil Staykov, Todor Anastasov, Andrei Slabakov, Atanas Atanasov, Boyko Boyanov, Ivan Panev, Niki Iliev, Sotir Gelev, Dimitar Mitovski, Deljana Hadjiyankova and many others. etc.

Creativity Awards:

– Film Composer of the Year for the music to the feature film The Snail’s Brother, dir. Ivan Panev – National Film Academy

– “Musician of the Year” for debut – “The Little Match Seller” – operetta for children and adults – Allegro Vivace of the Bulgarian National Radio

– “Golden Feather” for contribution to Bulgarian culture

– The Grand Prize of the NGC World Competition for Film Music Composition, with the distinguished Harry-Gregson Williams presiding over the jury.

Awards from competitions for instrumentalists:

– Four times First Prize (in four age categories over the years) at the Young Musicians Competition

– First Prize – “Music and the Earth”

– First Prize in the Competition for Performance of German and Austrian Music – Burgas

– First prize from the competition “Svetoslav Obretenov” – Provadia

– First Prize at the Premio Mozart Competition – Bologna

– First Prize at the Siegfried Fink Percussion Competition
– Laureate Diploma from the Festival of Francophonie in Canada


All works have been performed and recorded.

Symphonic poem “Bulgaria” (2014)

Mesa Requiem (2009)

Symphonic Sketches from Bulgaria (2017)

“Symphonic Sketches from Bulgaria”( live video)

Symphonic Overture “The Little Match Seller” (2010)
Anderson’s ” THE LITTLE MATCHGIRL ” symphonic overture

Symphonic Overture “Ali Baba” (2013)
“ALLI BABA” – symphonic overture

Concerto for marimba and orchestra (2018)
CONCERTO for Marimba & Symphony Orchestra

MARIMBA CONCERTO (live footage)

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No.1 “Hollywood” (2016)
VIOLIN CONCERTO N1 “HOLLYWOOD” world premiere (live video)

Concerto for bassoon and string orchestra (2011)

Prayer from symphonic sketches from Bulgaria

String Quartet No.1 “Mea Culpa” (2015)

“Lia” love theme for violin and orchestra

Lamento for flugelhorn, piano and string orchestra (2012)

Romance for oboe and piano (2008)
ROMANCE for oboe d’ amore & piano

Fantasia for alto flute, harp and string orchestra (2016)
“FANTASY” for alto flute, harp & strings orchestra

Concerto for French Horn and Piano (2012)

Concertino for marimba and piano (1996)
Concertino for marimba

“Spring Quintet” for wind quintet (2017)
“SPRING QUINTET” for woodwinds instruments

Metamorphoses for clarinet, French horn and string quartet (2017),
“METAMORPHOSIS” for sextet

Concerto for Brass Octet (2010)

Butterflies for four flutes (2015)
“BUTTERFLYS” for 4 flutes

Parallels for four trombones (2014)

Thought for flute, harp and vibraphone (1995)
REFLEXION for harp trio

Synchro for four French horns (2011)
“SYNCHRONES” for 4 French horns in F key

“Song” for cello and piano (2018)
“A SONG” for cello and piano

“Tokata” for piano (2020)
“Toccata” for Piano solo

Epilogue for string orchestra (2021)
“Epilogue” from Chamber Symphony

Symphonic Overture “The Ice Queen” (2022)
“The Ice Queen” symphonic overture

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra “Romantic” (2021)
Piano Concerto “Romantique” in G minor

Christmas Overture (2021)
“Festive Christmas Overture”

“The Road” – music for the animated film of the same name
“The O.S.T. Way.”

“Rosa Damascena” – music for the feature film of the same name
“Rose Damascene” (movie) Original Score Music

Chamber Symphony (2019)
“Chamber Symphony for Strings”