Rumen Boyadjiev

composer, arranger, rock and pop singer, music producer

15.04.1953Sofia - Bulgaria

Rumen Boyadjiev graduated from the State Academy of Music in Sofia majoring in Percussion under Professor Dobri Paliev. As a student he joined the FSB Band, founded as soon as the recording studio of the record company Balkanton was completed. FSB rose as one of the most significant and influent groups in the history of Bulgarian pop and rock music. Boyadjiev’s entire activity during the 1970s and 1980s was connected with it. In the mid -1980s he worked in the newly created FSB Studio and composed music for the Bulgarian pop star Lili Ivanova and some young singers, among them Roberta and others. Together with Konstantin Tzekov, he wrote and arranged most part of the band’s songs. By the mid -1970s he became interested in electronic music and had the chance to work at one of the first synthesizers available in Bulgaria, bought by Balkanton. The FSB music was considered a model of electronic sound in the field of Bulgarian pop and rock music. In the late 1990s Boyadjiev made a name for himself as elite studio musician and leading figure in the field of computing postproduction of the sound record.

He wrote stage and applied music, music for lots of advertisements, the radio signals of the Horizont Programme of the Bulgarian National Radio (1997) and the programme Po sveta I u nas (Throughout the World and in Our Country) of the Bulgarian National Television (1998). He was music producer of the albums of the bands Pyromania (until 1997) and Dark. He was elected producer of the year 1993 at the ceremony organized by the Rhythm Magazine at the National Palace of Culture.

He is a member of the international organization Audio Engineering Society (AES).


FSB Albums:
Non Stop (1977); FSB I (1978); The Globe (1979); 78 Revolutions (1980); Ten Years Later (1982); FSB VI (1984); FSB in Concert (2LP) (1985); I Love You So Far (Kissing You Good Night) (1987); No Way (maxi single) (1988); FSB/89; Anthology 1, 2 & 3 (1999).