Alexander Brazitsov

composer, arranger, pianist

6.03.1943 – 29.03.2016Sofia - Bulgaria

Alexander Brazitsov graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia in 1971. His first compositions for orchestra were made at the beginning of the 1960s, when he played jazz and took part in jam sessions in Sofia. He was among the leading arrangers for big band during the 1970s and 1980s. At the beginning of the 1970s he began composing pop songs and was prizewinner at pop music festivals such as the festival in Sopot, Poland (1976, 1984), The Golden Orpheus (1976, 1986), Bratislava Lyre (1983), Burgas and the See (1978, 1978, 1980) and the Golden Orpheus + Festival (1995). Since 1991 he has been music director of the Ensemble of the Bulgarian Armed Forces’ Construction Troops. In 2000 he was appointed arranger at the Big Band of the Bulgarian National Radio. Since 2001 he has held office of Director of the Bulgarian National Radio.

He wrote over 150 songs; music to more than 80 cartoon, TV and large screen films; music to theatre productions; over 400 arrangements, etc. He released the albums Selected Songs on two LPs (1984, 1987) and Whispered Dreams (Brazitzov Golden Hits) on a CD (Riva Sound).


Stage music:
Kuklenika – rock opera after Hans Christian Andersen, lyrics by Beresz (1990), performed at the National Theatre and Film Art Academy in Sofia; 1994 studio version for the FSB band and soloists, performed at the Bulgarian National Radio.

Awarded songs at the festivals:
in Sopot (Poland):

Till When, performed by Nelly Rangelova (second prize, 1984).

Bratislava Lyre:

Till When, performed by Nelly Rangelova (the Silver Lyre Prize, 1983).

The Golden Orpheus Festival:

Autumn Beaches, performed by Yordanka Hristova (second prize, 1976);
Don’t be Alone, performed by the Domino band (second prize, 1986).

Pop Song Youth Competition:

Student Romance, performed by B. Ivanov (first prize, 1977).

The Burgas and the Sea Festival:

U-Turns, performed by Orlin Goranov (first prize, 1985), etc.

The Golden Orpheus+:

Not at a Special Moment, performed by Iv. Balcheva (the Grand Prix, 1995).

Film music to:
The Man in the Shadow (together with Kiril Tzibulka), directed by Y. Yakimov (1967);
Filio and Makenzen, directed by D. Petrov and Vl. Ikonomov (seven series, 1979);
The Blood Remains, directed by B. Punchev (1979);
Friends to Dinner, directed by Y. Yakimov (1980);
Crystals, directed by At. Traykov (1982);
Travelling Musicians (together with Stefan Dimitrov), directed by I. Kyulyumov (1984).