Ivan Dimov

composer, conductor

13.12.1927 – 02.08.2009Kazanlak – Bulgaria

Ivan Dimov graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1953. He studied Composition under Professor Marin Goleminov. He was conductor at the amateur operetta of Pazardjik and director of the town’s secondary music school (1963). In 1954 he was appointed conductor of the choir at the Stara Zagora Opera. In 1963-64 he specialised under Dmitri Kabalevsky at the Moscow Conservatoire. Since 1965 he has taught at the Academy of Music and Dance Art in Plovdiv. In 1974 he was appointed associated professor but later his grade was annulated due to political reasons. In 1991 his position was restored. He conductor the symphony orchestra in Kardjali (1981-83) and the orchestra at the Music Theatre in Yambol (1983-85). He was also Director of the Plovdiv Philharmonic (1993-94).

He wrote stage, symphony and chamber works; choral songs; theatre music, folksong arrangements, etc. His opera The Captured Consul won the Plovdiv Award.


Stage music:
The Captured Consul – comic opera (1969, Plovdiv);
The Emigrant – opera (1976, Stara Zagora);
Kardjalii – ballet (1959);
The Little Prince – dance drama (1985, Plovdiv).

Choral-orchestral works:
Leningrad Impression for soprano, choir and orchestra.

Vocal and instrumental:
September Ballade for bass and orchestra.

Works for symphony orchestra:
Symphony N1 Homo Ludens;
Symphony N2 Presentiment;
Dramatic Poem (1964);
Pamphlet with Epigrams.

for violin (1961);
for piano (1978).

Chamber Music:
Divertimento Miniatures for piano, strings and percussion;
String Quartet; Piano Trio “Menipea”; Ironical Miniatures (1973).

For piano:
Sacred Suite.

Vocal music:
Quadrigule Amoris.