Plamen Djurov

composer, conductor

21.04.1949Pleven - Bulgaria

Plamen Djurov graduated from the State Academy of Music in Sofia in 1975 majoring in Piano under Professor Mara Balsamova, Conducting under Professor Konstantin Iliev and Composition under Professor Marin Goleminov. In 1972, while still a student, he was prizewinner at the Svetoslav Obretenov National Piano Competition and in 1974 he received an award from the Union of Bulgarian Composers for new music performance.
In 1976, he started working as a conductor of the Pleven Philharmonic, where he worked for six years. In this period, he performed a series of premieres by Bulgarian and foreign composers (Kanceli, Plakidis, Tchaikovsky, Shahidi) and worked with a large number of famous Bulgarian performers and today’s famous foreign ones – Al. Knyazev, S. Shash and others. From this period, he began to perform music-educational concerts in front of young listeners – schoolchildren and students. Part of this educational activity with different compositions is broadcast by the National Television in 24 series – “Music, time, personalities”. After that, Prof. Pl. Djurov works in the system of DO “Music” as a deputy. and General Director and Secretary of the SBC. At the same time, he toured in Bulgarian and foreign orchestras, including the Philharmonic in Mexico, the symphony orchestras in Havana, Flensburg, Sarajevo, Algiers, Skopje and the Leningrad Philharmonic.

Since 1988, he has been working continuously with “Sofia Soloists”. Every year he organizes dozens of ensemble concerts in Sofia and the country, discovers and develops new acoustic spaces for public concerts. Every concert is recorded and broadcasted by BNR, and some of the concerts are broadcasted by BNT and abroad. In the recent history of the composition, there have been several live broadcasts for the whole of Europe via the European Broadcasting Union. Together with “Sofia Soloists”, he conducted hundreds of concerts in over 30 countries from Europe, North America, Japan and the Republic of Korea. Prof. Plamen Djurov is the winner of a series of awards for composition and conducting.

Among his numerous radio and television recordings (over 300) are a series of first performances of Bulgarian and foreign authors. Excellent sound recording companies (Denon, Victor, ABC, Labal Records and others) have released integrals of JS Bach’s piano concertos, an integral panorama of literature for guitar and orchestra, and more than 20 CDs under the direction of Prof. Djurov. He is responsible for a series of premiere performances by foreign and Bulgarian composers and first appearances with an orchestra of young Bulgarian talents.
Since 2009, Prof. Plamen Djurov, with the cooperation of the Metropolitan Municipality, is one of the active organizers of the “Sofia” International Composition Competition, for which over 140 new works have been written.

In his work as a composer, he is primarily focused on instrumental genres. His works such as Sonata for Piano (1975); Elegy for Orchestra (1980); Toccata for Orchestra (1982); Fantasia for Orchestra (1985); Four Ballads, Cadenza for saxophone and Violine (1994) has been performed and recorded in a number of foreign countries.
Plamen Djurov is a professor of conducting at the Pancho Vladigerov Academy of Music in Sofia. His students and specialists work in different cities of the world.
Develops active public activity in the field of musical art and cultural construction. He is often sought as an expert on musical art issues by state and municipal structures. After 1990, he was one of the founders of a series of non-profit organizations related to the Bulgarian musical heritage – the foundations “Boris Hristov”, “Pancho Vladigerov”, “Petko Stainov”, “Sofia Music Weeks”, “International Ballet Competition”, as well as ” Music author”. He was also the chairman of the Creative Council of the “Culture” Program of the Metropolitan Municipality. Prof. Plamen Djurov is an honorary citizen of Sofia.


Choral-orchestral works:
Requiem for mezzo-soprano, reader, choir and orchestra, lyrics by G. Konstantinov (1988).

Works for symphony orchestra:
Symphony (1976); Elegy (1980); Toccata (1982); Fantasy (1985); Concerto for saxophone and orchestra (2001). Poetic Frescoes for voice and orchestra, lyrics by Damian Damianov.

Chamber Music:
Concerto grosso for strings, percussion and piano (1977); Music for voice, violoncello and percussion (1978); Partita for strings (1981); Concerto for strings (1984); Four Ballads for flute, viola, harp and harpsichord (1984); Songs without Words (1989); Partita for violoncello (1991); Cadenza for saxophone and violin (1994).

For piano:

Sonata (1975).