Gentcho Gentchev

composer, conductor

23.11.1942 – 07.10.2017Kula – Bulgaria

Gentcho Gentchev graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1976. He was leader of non-professional ensembles in Kula. In 1975 he was appointed chief artistic director of the Dunav Ensemble with which he toured Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, former Czechoslovakia and Egypt. He released two LPs and a CD. He recorded for the Bulgarian National Radio and the Bulgarian National Television. He was prizewinner at the Golden Ax Festival in Zakopane (Poland) in 1981. He also won gold medals at traditional music festivals.

He made over 100 arrangements of songs for a capella ensembles or for soloists and orchestra. He also wrote music to theatre productions. His works were performed by eminent ensembles such as The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices, Cosmic Voices, Angels, the Bulgarian National Radio Ensemble, the Filip Kutev National Folklore Ensemble, the Dobroudja Ensemble, the Pleven Ensemble, the ensemble at the Academy of Music and Dance Art in Plovdiv, etc. He wrote the music to performances of the Bulgarian Artistic Gymnastics Team at the Olympic Games in Atlanta (1996) and the European Championship (1997).


Works for traditional music orchestra:
Nevestino and Shira after tunes from the region of Kula (1989);
Karbinski Abdal (1991);
Kossovo Carousel (1992);
Piece for bagpipe and orchestra (1993);
Pastoral; Suite from North-Western Bulgaria (1995);
Concert Piece “Megdanski zakachki” (Teases At The Village’s Square) for gadulka (traditional Bulgarian string instrument played with a bow) and orchestra (1996);
North-Bulgarian Rhythms (1998);
Traditional Dance for bagpipe and orchestra (2000).

Choral works:
Tzonina maika (Tzona’s Mother) (1994);
Barem se ergen, mamo, nahodih (I Was Bachelor For Long, Mother) (1995);
Momiche golyam gyavolo (Ingenious Maiden) (1996);
Vocals for traditional music choir (1999);
Whims From The Region of Vidin (2000).