Boris Ibrishimov

composer, pedagogue, conductor

02.04.1907 – 19.04.1996Lozengrad – Bulgaria

Boris Ibrishimov graduated from the State Academy of Music. He studied under Professor Dobri Hristov, Professor Sasha Popov, Professor Nikola Atanassov and Professor Stoyan Brashovanov He dedicated himself to education. He worked as a teacher of music first in Yambol and Panagyurishte (1931-38), then in Shumen (1946-51) and Sofia (since 1951). He conducted an orchestra, choral school and amateur ensembles. He worked as a music expert at the Sofia City Council and the Bulgarian Ministry of Education. He improved the school programmes of music education and contributed to the development of the school choirs and orchestras. At the same time he worked as editor-in-chief of music publications dedicated to music activities at school. The majority of his work was intended for music education at school. He published a collection including 102 school songs (1940).

He also wrote over 800 social, choral, solo, children’s and school songs, as well as a children’s operetta and instrumental educative pieces for children and teenagers.


Stage music:
Children’s operetta:

The Happy Woodcutter (1936-1937).

Works for symphony orchestra:
Happy Childhood Overture (1951).

Choral music:
For mixed choir:

Zlatoustova liturgia (Saint John Chrysostom Liturgy) (1993);

Ela se vie (A Fir-Tree Is Growing), on a poem by Trifon Kunev;
Evening Hour, lyrics by M. Vecherov;
Maiden’s Sleep; Golden Moon (1930);
Lud gidia (Madcap), lyrics by Tzanko Tzerkovsky (1932);
Zajeni se Milush (Milush’s Wedding) (1939);
Sedna momche da vechera (Young Man Sat Down To Table) (1942);
More ludo (Reckless Youngster), on a poem by Kiril Hristov;
Slezna momche zagorche (Young Man from Zagora Came Down) (1943);
Labour’s Day, lyrics by D. Gundov (1945);
Way of Fire, on a poem by Hristo Smirnenski (1953).

For male voices choir:
Clapperboard Is Being Banged – ballad, after Ivan Vazov (1939);
Malka moma (Young Girl) (1942), etc.