Stefan Iliev

composer, pedagogue

04.02.1946Sofia - Bulgaria

Stefan Iliev (Todorov) graduates BSC, today’s National Musical Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” specialty composition with Professor Parashkev Hadjiev (1980). Has additional qualification in mass communications and cultural management at the University of National and World Economy (1999). He writes theoretical works in the field of musical communication, music and mass communications, music and intellectual development of adolescents, music and advertising communications, musical innovation, musical design, etc. He taught music-theoretical subjects at the National Academy of Sciences “Prof. P. Vladigerov” (1988-92) and “Neofit Rilski” Secondary School – Blagoevgrad (1993-94), Academy of Music, Dance and Visual Arts – Plovdiv (2004-2016). He is a lecturer in the disciplines: “Art Management”, “Cultural Industries and Entrepreneurship”, “Art and Advertising”, “Communications, Art and Media”, “Music and Advertising”, “Music and Media”. He teaches “Musical values in Bulgarian culture” at the University of Library Science and Information Technology. He writes theoretical developments in the field of music communication, music and mass communication, music and intellectual development of adolescents, music and advertising communications, music innovation, music design and more.

He is the author of symphonic, chamber, choral and children’s music, music for films, theater productions, radio programs, etc.; over 50 songs for single and mixed choir, over 100 children’s songs, etc. He composes electroacoustic and computer music.
He has won over 10 national and 5 international awards: “The Second Tribune of UNESCO” for electroacoustic music (Sweden, 1988) “International Composition Competition Piano Duo Composition” (Japan, 1992 and 1994), XXIV Composition Competition-Farmington (USA), III International Choral music competition in Lezo (Spain) etc. Takes part in works by prestigious international festivals and other forums of musical art: XIX, XX Festivals of Experimental Music Synthesis in Bourges, France (1989 and 1990), Ars Electronics in Linz, Austria etc. His works have been published in various editions. His professional interests are also addressed to creating music with pedagogical orientation. He is a member of the International Association of the Piano Duo (Tokyo, Japan) and of the The Sound Ecology Association (Canada).
Member of the jury of international and national festivals and music festivals and competitions.
From 1982 to 1990 he worked at the Bulgarian National Radio as Head of the National Radio production in musical editing, editor-in-chief (musical ensembles, production and international activities) and director of the Music Directorate. Since 2001 is Head of Department at the National Center for Music and Dance at the Ministry of culture, from the end of 2003 to 2005 he is the director of the National Center for music and dance. Later in the Music and Dance Directorate and in the Stage Directorate Arts and Creative Generation “at the Ministry of Culture Head of Unit and Chief Expert.
Participates in the development of concepts and strategies in the field of music culture, participates in commissions for election of directors in municipal and state cultural institutes.
He participates in committees in program sessions and thematic programs of the Ministry Culture, the National Culture Fund and the Culture Program in Sofia.
He was Chief Secretary and Chairman of the Union of Creative Arts Union Bulgarian composers. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sound Guides and Composers Guild. He is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists. He was a member in two terms of office The Public Council of the Bulgarian National Radio.


Selected Works:

For symphony orchestra:

Dance Suite (1985);
Rhapsody “Bulgarika” (1986);
Concerto for piano and orchestra (1978-79) etc.

Chamber Music:

Wind Quintet (1981);
“Prelude and the Wire” for the waldhorn, trumpet, 2 trombone and tube (1978);

String Quartets: No. 1 (1980), No 2 (1982);

Trios for flute, oboe and bassoon No.1 (1979), No.2 (1983);
Capriccio for trumpet and piano (1976);
“Bulgarian Dances” for violin and piano – cycle;
Three plays for flute and piano (1984) etc.

For piano:

Sonatas: No. 1 (1979), No 2 (1984); No 3 (1985);
Variations for piano (1978) etc.

For two pianos:

Rondo (1976);
Children’s Album (1980);
“Reminiscences” etc.

Vocal music:

Cycle 3 songs for mezzo-soprano and piano, p. P.Matev (1982);
Cycle 3 songs for mezzo-soprano and piano, S.Pencheva (1986) etc

Film music to:

“Midnight Present” (1984)-double-wire. film; “19 Meters Wind” (1986); “Eve on the Third Floor” (1987); “Stefan Karadzha” (1989)-TV series; “8% Love” (1990); “Boyana Church”, “Villa Armira’’, ‘’Magura Cave’’, ‘’Provadia Solnitsata’’(2018).

Music for children’s radio and TV productions:

“Pepi’s Bunny”-TV series; “Grandfather Mrazias” etc;

For the radio:

“Zvancheva Gora”; “The Bonnie Bone and the Pop Feather”; “Pippi Longstocking” etc.

Electroacoustic music:

“Chaildwood reminicences” (1988); “Concerto for harp and tape” (1983); “Planetary Circle” (1988); “Dedications” (1990); “Choral on the Files” (1995); “Passion permutato ” (1996) etc.

Selected books (published in Bulgarian):

Piano Album for Children (Sofia, 1989);
Vocal Practicum. Textbook of Pop Singing (in co-authorship with G. Kordov) (Sofia, 1990).