Kiril Ilievski

composer, pedagogue, public figure

27.05.1955 - 09.11.2019Sofia - Bulgaria

Kiril Ilievski graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1982 majoring in Violin under Professor Mihail Chilikov and Professor Boyan Danailov. At the same time he studied Composition with Professor Parashkev Hadjiev. He worked as a violinist at the Symphony Orchestra of the State Academy of Music, as music editor at the Bulgarian National Radio and as a composer at its Radiotheatre Department (1989-93). He was also Director of the Bulgarian Culture Center in Bratislava, Slovakia (1995-2000). In 2000 he was appointed Head of the Cultural Programmes and Events Department at Sofia Municipality. As a violinist he won the third award at the violin contest in Middlesbrough, England.

He wrote three ballets; an oratorio; three symphonies for large symphony orchestra and other works for symphony, chamber and string orchestra; over 25 chamber instrumental works, among them three string quartets; and sonatas and works for instrumental ensembles; over 60 songs for voice and piano, for voice and string orchestra; choral and children’s songs; music for wind orchestra, etc; film music, theatre music to over 50 radio plays, five theatre productions and music-poetic recitals. He was awarded by the Slovak Ministry of Culture for his total contribution during the Year of Slovak Music (1997), etc.


Stage music:

Planetarium (1987) and Alice in the Wonderland (in co-authorship with Petar Radevski, 1997); The Nightingale and the Rose (2001).

Choral-orchestral works:
Sofia Oratorio for reader, bass, male voices choir and symphony orchestra; The Road Cantata (1985).

Works for symphony orchestra:

Symphony N1 Chamber (1986); Symphony N2 (1998). Nuances for big symphony orchestra; Adagio; Symphonic Poem (1999); Bulgarian Dance for big symphony orchestra (in memory of Maurice Ravel, 2001); Ballet Fantasy (2003).

Works for string orchestra:
Symphony N3 for big string orchestra (2002).


Violin and strings; oboe and strings; clarinet and strings; trumpet and strings.

Chamber Music:
Septet for 2 violins, viola, violoncello, French horn, oboe and bassoon (2002); Brass Quintet (1991).

String Quartets:

1-3; Suite for clarinet quartet (1996).


N1 for clarinet, percussion, piano and strings; N2 for violin, viola, bassoon and double bass (1992).

Trio for flute, oboe and bassoon (1984);
Suite for flute and viola (1974).

Sonatas for:

Viola and piano (1978); violin and piano N1 (1974); violin and piano N2 (1987); flute and piano (1981); bassoon and piano; trumpet and piano (1991).

Fantasy for clarinet.

Film music:
Rebels’ Times.
The novels: And Now, Towards the Sea; Sport for Everyone.

The TV Series: Stories about Captains.