Yordan Kolev

composer, pedagogue

07.09.1936 – 22.08.2017Polski Trambesh – Bulgaria

Yordan Kolev graduated from the State Academy of Music majoring in Pedagogy. Later he studied Composition with Professor Pancho Vladigerov. He taught at the Institute for Elementary and Primary School Teachers in Sofia. He worked as chief expert at the Mass Music Genres Section at the Bulgarian Music Directorate. In 1995 he joined the staff of the State Academy of Music teaching Music Theory Essentials and Solfeggio. He also taught Methodology of Solfeggio Teaching at Sofia University. In 1995 he was promoted Associate Professor of Music Theory Essentials and Solfeggio, in 1997 he became Full Professor of Methodology of Solfeggio Teaching. He got a Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences degree in 1995.

He wrote children’s musicals; six electroacoustic symphonies; a symphony; vocal-instrumental and chamber music; over 200 solo songs; pop music; choral and children’s songs, etc. Part of his work was recorded and broadcast on the Bulgarian National Radio and was also published. He was awarded by the Bulgarian National Radio, and also by the Union of Bulgarian Composers at The Golden Orpheus Festival for the song “Song about the Bulgarian woman”. In 2003 his song “Sunbeams” won the first prize at the Golden Fish First International Festival for Children’s and Youth Pop Song in Varna. He authored music textbooks for students, etc.


Electroacoustic music:
Six symphonies:

Symphony N1 Is There a Life on Mars; Symphony N2 Call; Symphony N3 Indian Princess; Symphony N4 The Song of the Cricket; Symphony N5 Apocalyptic; Symphony N6 Victim.

Stage music:
Childrens musicals: Mushroom-gatherer (1973); The Battle for the Captivated Dwarfs; Magic World.

Works for symphony orchestra:
Symphonic Poem “Cosmos” (1994). Clarinet Concerto (1983).

Works for string orchestra:
Children’s symphony for string orchestra and seven children’s instruments (1980).


Kozloduy for chamber orchestra and vocal quartet (1996); Hiroshima for symphony orchestra and quartet of traditional music singers (1997).

Chamber Music:
Children’s suite for three French horns (1978). Concertino for vibraphone and piano (1988). Sonata for violoncello solo (1993).

For piano:

Two-voiced invention (1976); Sonata (1977); Two improvisations (1998); Two messages (2000).

Solo songs for mezzo-soprano:

In the Field; Autumn Landscape (1968); Walls, vocal triptych (1976).

Solo songs for bass:

Vocal Triptych “I Feel Good With You” (1990); Vocal Diptych “Male Love” (1990); Malka moma kipra kalinchitza (1993)

Pop songs:

Suddenly; Spring song; With My Diploma in My Hands; Fire-dancers; Mummers; This Unique Earth; Rain; Mood; Song about the Bulgarian Woman.

Children’s songs:

I Don’t Want; Nice Song; Up to the Stars; Easter Candle; Samba; Song about the Duck.

Selected books (published in Bulgarian):
Systematic One-Voiced Solfeggio Course (Sofia, 1994);
Creative Music Development during Primary Education (Sofia, 1995);
Music Works for Solfeggio Practice (Sofia, 1997).