Yavor Konov


1964Sofia - Bulgaria

Prof. Ph.D. Yavor Konov is a Bulgarian musician, professor, author and translator of books, articles and teaching materials for music.
In 1983, he graduated with a medal from the National Music School “Lyubomir Pipkov” in Sofia, majoring in piano, and in 1991, from the National Academy of Music in Sofia, majoring in “musicology” (polyphony) and “choral conducting”. In 1998, he became a doctor of art studies, and in 2006 – a doctor of art studies.
Since the beginning of the 90s, he has been working at the Southwest University “Neofit Rilski” in Blagoevgrad. Since 2005, he has been a professor of polyphony in the Department of Music at the Faculty of Arts. In 2008, he became the director of the University Resource Center for Francophone Studies at SWU. Since December 2010, he has been working as a professor in the “Music” Department of the NBU. He is also a lecturer at SU and NATFIZ.
The knowledge, works and achievements of Prof. Ph.D. Konov are highly recognized not only in Bulgaria, but also abroad, incl. from the most authoritative institutions in the field – the Research Studio of the Center for Baroque Music in Versailles and the Faculty of Music and Musicology of the University of Paris (Sorbonne) (“excellent specialist”, 2009).
In honor of the Bulgarian edition of de Brossard’s “Dictionary of Music”, on the initiative of the leading French musicologists, on November 24, 2011, a “Round Table Around Yavor Konov” was held in the Library of Versailles – a precedent in French-Bulgarian relations.


Prof. Ph.D. Yavor Konov has about 200 publications, including:

Teaching books:
On Polyphonicity (1995, 2/2001, 3/2003, 4/2010);
Culture and Music (1997);
Ideas and Approaches for Natural Piano Playing (2003).

Annotated translations of
Saint Lambert’s Principles of the Harpsichord (1702) and A New Treatise on the Accompaniment of the Harpsichord, Organ, and Other Instruments (1707) (Sofia, 1998);
Practical Elements of W. A. Mozart’s Bass General (1999);
The Art of Counterpoint (1558) by Josepho Tsarlino (2003)
Sebastien de Brossard: Dictionary of Music, 2/1705 (2010).

The first treatise on the harpsichord – de Saint Lambert’s Principles of the Harpsichord, 1702 (1998);
Sebastien de Brossard and his Dictionary of Music (2003);
On Josepho Tsarlino and the Art of Counterpoint (2004);
Lexicographical, historiographical & bibliographical legacy of Sebastien de Brossard (1655-1730) – clergyman, musician and scholar (2008);
Padre Athanasius Kircher (1602-1680) and his Musurgia Universalis (1650) – Itinerarium illustatum, NBU (2018, http://eprints.nbu.bg/3838/).

Scientific studies, articles and more.

“Book of the Year” of the Union of Bulgarian Composers, section “Musicologists” (2004, 2005, 2009, 2019).
The special award “Book of the Year” of the UBC, section “Musicologists” (2011).