Alexander Michailov


17.04.1948 - 22.11.2019Novohopersk – Russia

Alexander Michailov finished the Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Musical School in Saint Petersburg in 1970 majoring in Composition under the eminent Russian composer Valery Gavrilin and Piano under Associate Professor Andrei Kondratev, who is a disciple of the world famous pianist Henrih Neigaus. In the same year he entered the Saint Petersburg State Conservatory Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov which he graduated in 1975 majoring in Composition under Professor Vladislav Uspensky. In 1990 he made his Ph.D. dissertation in the area of the musical folklore at the Institute of Music at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia. From 1978 to 1990 worked as an editor at the Foreign Countries Musical Exchange Office at the Bulgarian National Radio and since 2005 – in the Cultural Office of the Russian Culture and Information Center in Sofia.

Alexander Michailov composes operas, symphonical, chamber, choral, film, theatrical and popular music. He has many recordings for theBulgarian National Radioas well as published audio cassettes and CDs. The composer takes part in Bulgarian new music festvals with his works.


Opera ”Partitions” (libretto Evgeni Nemirov);
Chamber Opera ”Valentina” under the play by Alexander Vampilov; ”Last summer in Chulimsk” (libretto Yuri Dimitrin).

Ballet ”Bed-bug” under the play by Vladimir Mayakovski.

Works for symphony orchestra:
Symphony in memory of Dmitry Shostakovich for large symphonic orchestra;
Concerto for clarinet and large symphony orchestra.

Chamber Music:
Chamber ensembles:
String Quartet No. 1; String Quartet No. 2; String Trio; Pieces for violin and piano; Prelude and Allegro for violin, clarinet and horn; Ballad and Waltz for trumpet and piano; “Moods” for a string orchestra.

For piano:

Laconicisms for piano; ”Musical Drawings” for piano under the play ”Bed-bug” by Vladimir Mayakovski; Humoresque for piano; Five Preludes for piano; Suite ”Childhood” for piano; ”Five Children’s Characters” for piano; ”Old Tale” for piano four hands; Scherzo for two pianos; Toccata for piano; Humoresque for violin and piano.

For other instruments:

Sonata for solo bayan.

Choral songs:
”Epitaph” for basso under the poetry by Bayron;
Vocal cycle ”Short thoughts through the long night” for soprano and baritone under the poetry by Bulgarian poets;
Children’s songs under the poetry by Samuil Marshak;
Fifty Children’s songs for children vocal ensembles; Choral and popular songs

Film and theatrical music:
Music for over 20 feature and documentary films and 15 theatrical productions.