Anastas Naumov

composer, folklorist, conductor

27.10.1942 – 16.09.1997Targovishte – Bulgaria

Anastas Naumov graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1952. He was teacher of music (1952-55). In 1956 he was appointed at the Bulgarian National Radio where he worked as music editor at the Folk Music Section, Head of the Folk Music Section and Deputy Chief Editor at the Music Directorate. He founded and was artistic director of the Ensemble for Traditional Song and Dance in Sliven (1962-66).

Anastas Naumov is the author of over 2,000 originals, arrangements and harmonizations of folk songs for soloists with orchestra, a cappella, for folk choir and orchestra. Popular are his ensemble and choral songs, as well as the arrangements of folk songs performed by the most famous Bulgarian singers, instrumentalists and folk ensembles. All of them are included in the music fund of the BNR. Substantial part of his ensemble songs was published. Winner of prestigious national awards.

Website: Anastas Naumov


Stage music:
Children’s radio operetta: New Year Fantasy (1960).
Oratorio-show: 100th Anniversary of the Liberation of Pleven (1978).

Music to dance performances:
From Spring to Spring in Vidin;
The Seasons;
Dances in Dobroudja;
Gurbetchii (Men Working Abroad);
Children’s Games;
“The songs you didn’t finish”.

For wind orchestra:
Youth Suite (1969).

For traditional music orchestra:
“Carousel”; “Gankinata” – for solo tambourine and orchestra; Bagpipe Melodies Suite – for solo bagpipe and orchestra; “A piece for bagpipes and orchestra”; “Komitsko Horo” and others.

Choral music (songs for female voices choir):
“Melai Doina”; “Sleep steals my black eyes”; “Mando le”; “Donna bile branila”; “Doves are cooing”; “Ivan na Stanka dumashe”; “I went last night mom”; “Che imam libe Haidutin”; “Come on, Ivan”; “We got engaged to Kalina last night”; “The forest complained”.

Songs for folk choir and orchestra:
“Karai mome”; “Lingering”; “I will also go to the meeting” etc.

For female choir a capella:
“Drop Dropped”; “My girl fell asleep”; “Wake up clear sun”; “Sleep”; “Vocaliza” (in memory of Pancho Vladigerov).