Stoyan Paurov


23.02.1974Plovdiv – Bulgaria

He graduated from the Music School in Shiroka Luka (1993) specializing in Kaval Performer and Teacher. He continued his studies in the Academy Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv where he later majored in Composition under Assoc. Prof. Stefan Moutafchiev and Professor Bojidar Abraschev. He finished his Masters degree under Prof. Dimitar Tapkov (2005).
Since 1999 he is a teacher at the department of Music Folklore in AMDFA in Plovdiv in the following disciplines: Reading and playing of scores, Chamber music and Playing in a folk music orchestra. From 2006 to 2009 he was the conductor of the Folklore Ensemble ”Trakia” – Plodiv.
He is the author of I Had a Dream – a compilation of folk songs with an accompaniment of piano. He is the co-author of the compilations Ensemble Pieces for Bulgarian Folk Instruments (parts I-III), in which he also includes his own compositions. These books are part of the study material for the folklore music education. His works systematically renew the repertoire of all folklore chamber, orchestra and choir formations in AMDFA – Plovdiv.
He won third prize for composition on the Second Academic Bulgarian Competition and second prize on the Second Composition Competition ”Professor Ivan Spassov”. In 2009 he was given a prize for composing a work for brass orchestra during the Celebrations of Brass Orchestras – Montana. In the same year he wins second prize on new bulgarian music in 7/8 Competition in the town of Chepelare.


Works for symphony orchestra:
Diaphonic Improvisations.

Works for wind orchestra:
Play in 5/8.

For soloists, choir and traditional music orchestra:
Strandja Miniatures; Easter Songs; Fair in Another Village; Pazardjik Suite.

Chamber Music:
String quartet N1;
Miniatures for brass instruments.

Choral songs:
Two Reaper Songs;
A Young Tersie Sitting;
They Are Having a Fight.