Mihail Pekov

composer, pedagogue, violinist

06.08.1941 - 01.08.2022Vidin – Bulgaria

Mihail Pekov graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1967 majoring in Composition under Professor Vesselin Stoyanov. He specialised in Saint Petersburg with Professor Salmanov (1970-71) and with Professor E. Petrovich in Budapest (1978-79). He worked at the Sofia Philharmonic (1967-72) and at the Music State Agency (1972-74). In 1974 he joined the staff of the State Academy of Music teaching Harmony and Composition. He was promoted full professor in 1993.

He composed an opera; Stabat Mater for choir and orchestra; a number of symphonies (of which 10 were performed) and other works for symphony, chamber and string orchestra; 16 string quartets, 4 piano trios, 4 violoncello sonatas, etc. An original combination of harmony and composition techniques belonging to various styles and genres is characteristic of his work. His orchestral and chamber works were included in the repertoire of several Bulgarian performers. His Concerto for two violins and string orchestra is one of the most frequently performed contemporary works. His works were performed and acclaimed in Hungary, Russia, Rumania, Greece, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy and other countries. He won the Sofia Prize for Music (1989) and other prizes.


Stage music:
Operas: At the Foot of Vitosha (1977).

Choir-orchestral music:
Stabat Mater for choir and orchestra (1991).

Works for symphony orchestra:

Symphony N1 (1963); Symphony N2 (1974); Symphony N3 (1975); Symphony N4 (1977); Symphony N5 (1983); Symphony N6 (1986); Symphony N7 (1988); Symphony N8 (1993); Symphony N9 (1998); Symphony N10 (2000).

Concertino for orchestra (1981).


Concerto for violin, violoncello and symphony orchestra (1972);
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra No. 2 (1987).

Works for chamber ensemble:
Concerto for violoncello N1 (1975).

Works for string orchestra:
Concerto for two violins and string orchestra (1981).

Chamber Music:

String Quartets:

Quartet N1 (1963); Quartet N2 (1966); Quartet N3 (1973); Quartet N4 (1975); Quartet N5 (1977); Quartet N6 (1982); Quartet N7 (1984); Quartet N8 (1989); Quartet N9 (1994); Quartet N10-12 (1997); Quartet N13 (2001); Quartet N14-16 (2003);

Quartet N17-22.

Piano trios: N1 (1983), N2 (1987), N3 (1991), N4 (2002).

Sonatas for violoncello and piano: N1 (1977); N2 (1979); N3 (1997); N4 (2001).