Hristo Petkov

composer, performer

25.06.1954Ruse – Bulgaria

Christo Petkov graduated the High Engineering Institute (today The Technical University) in Sofia in 1979. He received his music education under the guidance of his father, conductor Dobrin Petkov.

In 1967 he began composing, arranging and performing songs working with pop music bands like Factor, Sprint, Jaguar etc. In 1987 he received Honourable Mentions from the MCSF in Nashville, USA for the songs “More Than a Hundred of enmities” and “Pain”. In 1988, he received the Special Award of the DMA for the song “Over a Hundred enmities”, and in 1989 – the Special Award of the BNT for the song “Gramophone Plate”.

In 1992 he founded the Electroacoustic Music Ensemble and started composing for it. He also arranged classical works for ensemble of electronic and acoustic instruments. In 1996 the video clip made after the piece Accident won the first prize at the Golden Antenna International Festival and also the Festival prize of the international festival Central European Initiative held in Budapest.

In 2018 he won the Second Prize in The “7/8” contest with “Shepherds suite” for kaval and symphonic orchestra.

In 2022, he received the Audience Award for the song “Legend of Lily of the Valley” at the “Water Music” competition in Hisar.

In 2023, his song “I chose Antim” was chosen as the anthem of “Exarch Antim I” school in the city of Kazanlak.


Choral songs:
“People, eh…”, “Home”, “Strength”, “Pain”, “Over a hundred enmities”, “Gramophone record”, “Spring for me too”, “I love you”, “I ask you”, “Truth Is it?”, “Love mode”, “Daisy”, “A lifetime is remembered”, “Come with me, girl!”, “Oh, little Rosie!”, “If I sing falsely”, “Insomnia”, “Thank you you song!”, “We were closest”, “Weird”, “Sincere”, “Crazy wind”, “Confession”, “On the way”, “Clouds”, “Sunny girl”, “Leave the oranges!”, “We need to create”.

For Electroacoustic Ensemble:
“Change”, “Sunset”, “Proposal”, “Disaster”, “Promise”.

Music for Ballet:
Worship and violence (Based on motives from Mozart’s Don Giovanni).