Todor Poptoshev

composer, singer, instrumentalist, engineer

26.11.1928 – 02.06.1994Bulgaria

Todor Poptoshev majored in Land-Surveyor Studies in Paris. Concurrently, he attended classes at the Conservatoire. Upon his return to Bulgaria he continued to study harmony, counterpoint and composition. He organised musical evenings at his house. He played several instruments (piano, flute, violin, guitar, mandolin and trumpet).

He wrote an opera (unfinished); a rhapsody for symphony orchestra; marches for wind orchestra; choral secular and sacred songs; songs for voice and piano; pieces for violin and piano; folksong arrangements, etc.

He composed all his life but with no intent to publish. Upon Dobri Hristov’s request he published a few works, mostly songs, which were performed in concert by well-known Bulgarian singers and later became part of the urban song legacy. “Ostavi taz pesen lyubovna” (Leave That Love Song), “Moreto spi” (The Sea Is Sleeping), “Na sever beshe moyat pat” (Northbound Road), “Belokamenna cheshma” (White-stone-made Fountain) or “Popitay ti za men gorata” (Ask the Forest about Me) were among the most popular ones.


Choral songs:

“Ostavi taz pesen lyubovna” (Leave That Love Song);
“Moreto spi” (The Sea Is Sleeping);
“Na sever beshe moyat pat” (Northbound Road);
“Belokamenna cheshma” (White-stone-made Fountain);
“Popitay ti za men gorata” (Ask the Forest about Me) etc.