Hristofor Radanov

composer, performer, conductor

22.08.1943Liaskovets – Bulgaria

Hristofor Radanov graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1970 majoring in Clarinet under Professor Petko Radev. He was member of the Sofia Wind Orchestra for over 20 years. In 1990 he was appointed conductor of the Traditional Music Orchestra at the Bulgarian National Radio.

He authored over 800 arrangements and compositions mainly in the field of Bulgarian traditional music. His orchestral pieces Dobroudjazz Rachenik and Broenitza won huge popularity.

Hristofor Radanov is among the leading names in the field of the author’s transformation of folklore. He has proven his talent as a composer who carefully approaches traditional music. He tries to preserve the authentic rhythms and melodies and at the same time enrich the original image in a professional way. He knows perfectly the capabilities of his orchestra, with which he has been working for 20 years. The position of chief conductor of the ONM at the BNR was inherited by Kosta Kolev – an outstanding composer, researcher of folklore. Radanov continues his work, contributing a lot to the contemporary sound of this elite composition.
Radanov has devoted more than 40 years to folk music. He conducted the recordings of nearly 2,000 works – folk songs and choirs for the BNR fund.
He also writes children’s, jazz and chamber music.
In 2016, with his piece “Three Bulgarian Dances”, Hristofor Radanov won first prize in the 16th International Competition for writing a symphonic work in time 7/8.