Panayot Slavchev

composer, arranger, pianist, musician

16.11.1943 – 16.04.1992Gabrovo – Bulgaria

Panayot Slavchev graduated from Sofia University majoring in Chemistry. From 1969 to 1981 he was senior assistant professor at the Pharmaceutical Faculty of the Academy of Medicine in Sofia. In 1981 he was appointed editor at the departments Pop Music and Youth Programmes of the Bulgarian National Television. In 1990 he was promoted editor-in-chief of the Pop Music Department. His activity in the field of pop music began in the 1960s with the founding of the Metronome Orchestra (1965) at the Central Students’ House of Culture in Sofia. He conducted it up to 1981. In the 1970s and the 1980s he made his name as one of the talented Bulgarian pop music arrangers. In 1970 he founded the Youth Competition for Light Song and was its permanent musical leader up to its last edition in 1989.

He composed piano pieces; children’s songs and musical plays; film and theatre music. While conducting the Metronome Orchestra he helped a lot of well-known Bulgarian pop singers like Mihail Belchev, Maria Neykova, Biser Kirov or the actors Todor Kolev and Vladimir Smirnov made their first steps. In 25 years he authored over 750 arrangements, most of which helped the successful appearance of singers and songs at various competitions. His arrangements of the song “Sonnet” (music by Biser Kirov) and “Vechernitza ti pak badi” (Be the Evening Star Again) (music by Atanas Kossev) won the Grand Prix at The Golden Orpheus Festival. He also won the special prize for arrangement at the Songs for the Sea International Festival in Rostock (1985, 1986 and 1987). He wrote pieces for big band and arranged classical music works. In 1992 he was posthumously awarded the Golden Orpheus Grand Prix for total contribution.


Dialogues (1990);
Panayot Slavchev and Friends (1996).

Musical plays:
The Ink Pot;
Dyadomraziada (Jackfrostiada);

For piano:
The Old New Melodies;
Prela baba.

Symphony works:
Memory of The Beatles for piano and orchestra;
Hubava si, moya goro (My Beautiful Forest) for piano and orchestra;
Melodies of the Year and Suite 50 for big band, symphony orchestra and soloists.

Fantasy for piano and symphony orchestra;
Dialogues for piano and symphony orchestra on themes by Toncho Russev.
Symphony poem “Stupeliada” after songs by Petar Stupel.