Pencho Stoyanov

composer, music theoretician, pedagogue

09.02.1931 - 24.11.2020Sofia - Bulgaria

Prof. Pencho Stoyanov graduated from the Bulgarian State Conservatory (currently the National Academy of Music “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov”) in 1955 with a degree in composition from the class of Prof. P. Hadzhiev and Prof. P. Vladigerov. He specialized in the Moscow Conservatory – in composition with Aram Khachaturian and in theory of music with Prof. V. Protopopov, V. Zuckerman and S. Skrebkov. As a scholarship holder in Paris, he attended lectures by Tony Aubin and Messiaen.
His teaching career in the State Academy of Music began in 1955, as an assistant in harmony and theory of music, and in 1956 – as an assistant in musical analysis. He became a professor in 1972 and earned a doctorate in theory of art in 1981. He has conducted masterclasses in composing in Germany (in 1989), South Korea (1992, 1993, 1995, 1996), Austria (1995). He has presented papers at symposia and science conferences in Germany (on account of the 750th anniversary of the founding of Berlin), France (Dijon), Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia, Yugoslavia, Greece, etc.
A well-known music theorist and erudite and a professor in composing, P. Stoyanov has taught generations of prominent musical artists and musicologists. A large part of his work presents tendencies which are characteristic for Bulgarian music and imply a pronounced social commitment and an optimistic democratic pathos, as well as experiments in the area of the contemporary language of music. He is the author of: 5 symphonies, 3 symphonic poems, 3 overtures; a divertimento for string orchestra and other orchestral works; 2 string quartets, a piano quintet, 3 sonatas for violin and piano, piano works; 2 cycles of art songs and other songs; more than 350 choral songs.
He has been a jury member in composing competitions in Austria, the Netherlands, Germany. His students are people of authority who teach in universities in the USA, South Korea, Germany, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Vietnam.
He has won international composition awards in Poland (1955), France (1978), as well as national awards. Prof. Pencho Stoyanov is the author of numerous works in the theory of music, textbooks, articles.


Works for symphony orchestra:
Symphony No. 1 (1958)
Symphony No. 2 (1971)
Symphony No. 3 (Sinfonietta for small orchestra) (1971)
Symphony No. 4 “Faith” for bass soloist, recitalist and symphonic orchestra, with lyrics by N. Vaptsarov (1974)

Symphony-cantata “A Chronicle of the Beginning” for bass soloist, soprano, organ and symphonic orchestra, with lyrics by D. Shopov (1983)

Symphonic poem “At Parting” for symphonic orchestra and recitalist, with lyrics by Hr. Botev (1973)
Sinfonietta “Tarnovo Aquarelles” (1985)
Dialogues for piano and symphonic orchestra (2016)

Works for wind orchestra:
Symphonic poem “Drava” (1970)
“Overture” (1984)
“Scherzo Capriccioso” (1985)

Works for chamber orchestra:
Prelude-improvisation (1969)
Rondino capriccioso (1971)

Works for string orchestra:
Divertimento (1959)
“Romance” (1974)
“Pastoral” (1981)
Concerto for string orchestra (1976)
Concerto for flute, clarinet, fagot and string orchestra (1969)
Concerto for two pianos and string orchestra (1990)
Concertino for piano and string orchestra (1983)

Chamber Music:
Piano quintet (1975)
Duettino concertante for violin and viola (2018)

String quartet No. 1 (1953)
String quartet No. 2 (1956)
Quartet for flute, harp, viola and piano (1973)
Five pieces for piano, clarinet and percussion instruments (1991)

For violin and piano:
Sonata No. 1 (1953);
Sonata No. 2 (1970);
Sonata No. 3 (1989);
Concertino for violin and piano No. 1 (1958);
Concertino for violin and piano No. 2 (1961);
Introduction and Allegro (2006);
Concertino for children; Rondo concertante; Capriccio; Joke; Tongue Twister; Romance; Song and joke; Five preludes (1971); Prelude; Burlesque; Improvisation; Scherzo for viola and piano; “Recitative Improvisation” for cello and piano .

For flute and piano:
“Burlesque” (1973); “Improvisation” (1973)

For clarinet and piano:
Little scherzo; Scherzo; Scherzo for fagot and piano

For trumpet and piano:
Four pieces (1961); Toccata (1994); “Prelude and Capriccio” (1970); “Quasi-rapsodico” (1998)

For piano:
Sonata (1965); Sonatina (1962); “Aquarelle” (1966); Prelude (1966); Pieces for piano (1966); “Sun Rays” for piano four hands (1978); Metamorphoses (1993); Microsuite (1996)

Vocal music:
Three songs for soprano and piano, with lyrics by D. Raynova (1961)
A cycle of children’s songs (1987)
A cycle of songs, with lyrics by M. Shterev (1998)
A cycle of songs, with lyrics by M. Dobreva (1999)

Selected literature by Prof. Pencho Stoyanov:
“Textbook in Musical Analysis” (Sofia, 1960; 1962)
“What is a Musical Theme?” (Sofia, 1964-1965)
“Textbook in Musical Analysis for University Students” (Sofia, 1966)
“Textbook in Musical Analysis for the Secondary Music Schools” (Sofia, 1971)
“Contrasting Forms” (Sofia, 1973)
“Interaction between Musical Forms” (Sofia, 1975)
“A Reader in Musical Literature with Analyses” (co-authored with Elena Stoyanova) (Sofia, 1980)
“Musical Analysis” – a textbook for students of the National Academy of Music, part I, 1993
“Musical Analysis” – a textbook for students of the National Academy of Music, part II, 1995
“Analysis – Music – Choreography” (1996)
“Harmony” (2006)
“Aspects of Style in Music” (2011)

Selected literature about Prof. Pencho Stoyanov:
Panayotova, Lilyana and Dora Penkova. “Pencho Stoyanov”. A bio-bibliographic essay. (Sofia, 1982)
Karklisiyski, Tomi. “Pencho Stoyanov” (Sofia, 1987)
“Pencho Stoyanov’s Art World”, a collection of materials on account of the 75th anniversary of the composer’s birth, 2006 – compiled by Prof. Tomi Karkliyski, Doctor of Art.