Rositsa Todorova


Prof. Dr. Rositsa Todorova graduated from the National Music School “L. Pipkov” and National Academy of Music “Prof. P. Vladigerov” – Sofia. In parallel with her studies at the Faculty of Instrumentation in the class of Prof. Anton Dikov, she also studied music theory (polyphony) at the Faculty of Theoretical Composition and Conducting, where her teacher was Prof. Dimitar Hristov.
She continued his studies as a graduate student and defended her doctoral dissertation on the topic “Canonical potentials in the Bulgarian folk song”.
Her professional activity is in two main directions – pedagogical and research.
Since 2004, she has been a member of the “Musicologists” Section of the Union of Bulgarian Composers.

Her teaching activity began after winning a competition for a full-time piano assistant at the FNPP at SU “St. Kliment Ohridski”. He passed through the positions of senior and chief assistant, and since 2010 he has been leading the lectures on polyphony. She also taught Bulgarian musical folklore for one academic year.

Her articles “On Vocal Education in Piano Playing” and “Polyphonic Reflections in the Pianist’s Mind” are the result of thinking and going deep into problems related to piano education. Innovative ideas can be found in the article “Principles of augmentation in the practice of the instrumentalist”, in which a method of working on the instrumental repertoire borrowed from polyphony is proposed.

A central place in the research activity of Assoc. Dr. Rositsa Todorova is occupied by the monograph “The Phenomenon “Izlel e Delho Haydutin” in the context of the traditional Zlatograd, Rhodope and All-Bulgarian folk music”. The fact that a whole book was written just for one Rhodope folk song is very telling. On this book, a report “The Melodies of the Song “Izlel e Delho Haidutin” was presented, which presented the above-mentioned work to the scientific community of the Rhodope region. Related to this work is the article “Delyos’s Song and American Astronomers.”

Other articles and reports showing the specificity of the research thought of Assoc. Dr. Rositsa Todorova are:
• “Thoughts on the style of Asen Karastoyanov” regarding the creative process and the reflection of musical folklore in it.
• “Stoyan Brashovanov and Inequality” – presents a complete novel classification of unequal measures in Bulgarian musical folklore.

• “Folklore and the reflection of historical time” – the author’s view of the historical development of our musical folklore.
• “The two worlds – folk and classical – and the decline of Bulgarian musical reality” regarding the state of musical art in contemporary Bulgarian society.
• “Polyphony as a worldview” – about the equality of the constituent elements.

Interest is also generated by the report “Teaching about intervals” by Dobri Hristov”, in which the author makes the first comprehensive scientific examination of this work, proving its relevance and high value.

The artistic and creative activity of Associate Professor Dr. Rositsa Todorova is expressed in organizing and presenting concerts of students from the “Musical Pedagogy” specialty. An important place in this type of activity is occupied by the concert with the presentation of the book “The Phenomenon “Izlel e Delho Haydutin” in the context of the traditional Zlatograd, Rhodope and All-Bulgarian folk music” in the “Filip Kutev” hall of the SBC on December 8, 2005. At this concert, authentic performers from Zlatograd and Zlatogradsko, on the one hand, and from Smolyansko, on the other hand, were invited to participate, the idea being to compare the subtleties in the different performances of the song.