Ivan Yankov

composer, pedagogue

06.08.1945 – 16.04.2012Samokov – Bulgaria

Ivan Yankov graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1968. He was a pianist and arranger of the Chalashkanov Orchestra and Sofia Orchestra. Yankov also was a conducter of the Pop Music Ensemble at the Bulgarian Armed Forces till 1975. In the next 15 years he was part of the Happy Duo Band with his wife. Since 1990 the composer lives in Norway and works there as a piano teacher at a Music School. Ivan Yanev studied Psychology in Oslo and graduated in 1994. He has realised many projects under the title Bulgaria Calls Norway for the last 15 years. He is author of chamber music and ballet; big band and jazz ensemble music, children’s songs, etc. He released a CD (How Like a Winter).


Stage music:
Ballet composition How Like a Winter (15 songs after William Shakespeare’s sonnets)

Chamber Music:
Uncernity Piano Quintette No 1 (2007); Insight Piano Quintette No 2 (2009) Piano Trio

For piano:

a cycle Our Way (2000).

For two pianos:

Desiree (2000); Faces (2004); Samba-Rondo a la Bulgare (2005); Al jarreau/belka’s samba (2009).

For violin and piano:

Pieces for violin and piano – Winter В Bird, Amfibian’s Dance (2004).

Songs for voice and piano:

Silence for soprano and piano after sonnet by Edgar Allan Poe (2005).

Vocal music:

Our Parting How Like a Winter – 15 songs after William Shakespeare’s sonnets (2000); Leny’s Samba – song cycle for children’s choir and piano (2007|); Broken Thoughts – cycle of ten songs on lyrics by Dante Alighieri, Torquato Tasso, Paul Verlaine, Dora Gabe, etc. for soprano, alto, vibraphone/percussions, piano, double bass and string orchestra.

For big band and jazz ensembles:
Hands; Provocation; Recollection; Expression etc.

Pop and jazz songs