Dimitar Kostantzaliev

composer, conductor, pedagogue

27.05.1962Gorna Oriahovitsa – Bulgaria

Dimitar Konstantzaliev graduated from the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv in 1988. He studied Composition with Professor Ivan Spassov and Choral Conducting with Associate Professor Nikola Lipov. Konstantzaliev also studied Composition under Professor Pencho Stoyanov at the State Music Academy in Sofia in 1994.

He worked as a pianist and a conductor of the Slavyansko Edinstvo Choir – Gorna Oryahovitza (1983-1985) as well as a chief artistic director of the Female Chamber Choir – Asenovgrad (1986-1988). He has taught Music at different schools (1988-2011). In 2004 he besomes member of the Union of Bulgarian Composers.

In 1992, he created the Children’s vocal and theater formation “Talasamche”, of which he is the main artistic director to this day. Under his leadership, the ensemble won prizes at numerous international choral competitions, as well as at various music and theater forums in the country. In 2000, he created the vocal groups “Instinct” and “No way”, and in 2016 – the vocal group “Ohana”. Since 2011, he has been the chief artistic director of the Children’s Choir “Rodna Pesen” – Pernik.

Author of symphonic, chamber, choral, solo, popular and children’s music. Award winner as a composer and conductor at numerous international and national competitions. A great deal of his creative work is dedicated to children’s music. Konstantzaliev composed 13 musicals and more than 500 children’s songs. Recordings of Dimitar Kostantzaliev’s symphonic, chamber and children’s music have been made by the Bulgarian National Radio. He also recorded music on cassettes and CDs.

In 2007, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria awarded him for high results achieved and contribution to the development of Bulgarian culture.


Works for piano:
• Toccata
• Variations on a theme by Shostakovich;
• Ballade about Chopin;
• Piano miniatures.

Chamber Music:
• Four framed pieces for violin and piano;
• Piece for clarinet and piano;
• Piece for flute and piano;
• “Samodiva – 1” – Piece for solo clarinet;
• “Samodiva – 2” – Piece for clarinet and alto saxophone;
• “Passenger” – Piece for two oboes and piano;
• Trio for violin, viola and piano;
• Trio for flute, oboe and bassoon;
• Trio for flute, clarinet and cello;
• Wind quintet for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and piano;
• “Triols of a thirsty woman” – Cycle of songs for soprano and piano.

Orchestral music:
• “Poles” – Piece for string orchestra;
• Passacaglia and fugue for string orchestra;
• Piece for brass band;
• Fantasy for voice and wind orchestra;
• Anthem for the city of G. Toshevo for mixed choir and brass band;
• “The Despair of the Madman – 1” – Piece for brass band, piano, clavinet, organ, percussion and bass guitar;
• “The Despair of the Madman – 2” – Piece for brass band, piano, clavinet, organ, percussion and bass guitar;
• “Rhapsody in 7/8”;
• “Crimean Serenade” for symphony orchestra;
• “Stara planina” – Symphonic suite.

Vocal music:
• Solo and choral songs;
• Church Slavic chants;
• Treatments of folk songs;
• Over 500 children’s and popular songs.

Musical plays:
• “Puss in Boots” screenplay: I. Teofilov;
• “The Magic Song” screenplay: Orlin Vassilev;
• “Goblins without ghosts” scenario: Nikolay Milchev;
• “Kingdom of letters” screenplay: Todor Yankulov;
• “The Three Fairies and the Sleeping Beauty” screenplay: Teodora Pavlova;
• “The Day of Forgiveness” screenplay: Todor Yankulov.

Stage music:
• “Sea Dreams” screenplay: Boyka Angelova;
• “The Raft” screenplay: Todor Yankulov;
• “Hello Vacation” scenario: Todor Yankulov;
• “The stars of Venice in the skirts of Vitosha” script: Todor Yankulov.

Music for puppet theater:
• “Sleeping Beauty” screenplay: Teodora Pavlova.

Musical dramatizations:
• “Letters from A to Z” or “Pedia man, elbow beard and the letters” screenplay: D. Stoyanova and D. Ivanov;

• “I sing with the notes” script: M. Kostanzalieva. Soundtrack:

• “Ship in the heart” – TV novel script: Rumen Nikolov.

“Samodiva – 1”, piece for solo clarinet.