Vladimir Naumov

composer, arranger

30.03.1954Varna – Bulgaria

Vladimir Naumov was born on 30.03.1954 in the city of Varna – Bulgaria. Son of the famous composer Anastas Naumov – Bulgarian folklorist and conductor.
Vladimir Naumov graduated from a music school, then a conservatory in Sofia with a specialty in percussion instruments in the class of Prof. Dobri Paliev. He began his professional career by composing pop music and his very first song “I’m not sorry”, performed by Rositsa Ganeva, won the First Prize at the Youth Competition for Pop Song in 1975. At the end of the 1970s, his searches focused on combining the Bulgarian folk melody with the sonorities of pop music. Then he made some of the most popular adaptations of folklore works: “Petruno, pile shareno”, “Jore Dos”, “Pustoto ludo i mlado”, “Danyova mama”, “Kane mome”, “Ripni Kalinke” and others.
In the 1980s, Vladimir Naumov was the leader of the emblematic vocal group “Silver Stars” of the Army Ensemble. Then his life path crossed professionally with the pop singer Elvira Georgieva, for whom he created over 100 songs collected in 8 albums. One of the most popular songs of the musical tandem is the song about the Chimney Sweep – “Dream for Everyone”. The two won prestigious awards at festivals such as “Golden Orpheus”, “Burgas and the Sea” and others.
He writes songs for Lili Ivanova, Vasil Naydenov, Mihail Yonchev, Neli Rangelova, Rositsa Ganeva, the groups “Style”, “Silver Stars”, “Sprint”, and many others. He also works as a studio musician – keyboard and percussion instruments.
In addition to being a composer, arranger and author of pop music and poems, Vladimir Naumov also writes children’s songs, covers of folk songs, music for films, and children’s fairy tales.

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